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Our coordination team

The Coordination Team (currently all volunteers) consists of the essential people that manage our psychosocial support program and that offer supervision and coaching to all the volunteers.

Vincent Simon van Grondelle

Coordinator & Social Worker

Vincent is an experienced nonprofit program manager and social worker with a strong background in data analysis, political science and philosophy. With three others including friend and co-founder Marta, he founded Iguality in 2022. Vincent has always focussed on combating structural inequities and bringing communities together for positive social impact. His work consistently aims to address systemic issues and foster inclusive, supportive environments.

Luciana Wachockier

Clinical Psychologist & Supervisor

Originally from Brazil, Luciana graduated in psychology from Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie in São Paulo and specialised in Art Therapy. After moving to Spain in 2018, she began working in recruitment at Webhelp, focusing on improving diversity in hiring and mentoring selected candidates. Gaining extensive knowledge in diversity and specialised recruitment, she has also been an active volunteer therapist for vulnerable communities since 2020, and co-founded Iguality in 2022.

Alex Duran

Clinical Psychologist & Co-Coordinator

With many years of experience as a clinical psychologist, Alex has extensive knowledge of the mental health sector in Catalonia and Spain, bringing essential value when he co-founded Iguality in 2022. He has worked in various organisations providing counselling to diverse groups and specialises in health psychology, cognitive therapy and educational psychology. Concurrently, he teaches at the Master’s in Clinical Psychology at Instituto Superior de Estudios Psicológicos.

Johanna Dinkelacker

Clinical Psychologist & Supervisor

Our volunteer therapists

To carry out our psychosocial support we work with an amazing team of professional volunteer therapists that dedicate free time to support our target groups, and here you can find a few of them!

Claudia Cutiño

Melissa Gomez Velasquez

Andreu Albert Ballestar

Verónica Siller Uvalle

Andrea Carolina Sánchez García

María de las Mercedes

Amber Makris

Edit Ortega

Valentina Schilling Ossa

David Parente Rodriguez

Enoé Parada

Junisse Montaño Peña

Tim Cadman

Dana Shaposhnikova

Daniela Ortiz Martinez

Judith Alalu

Luciana Wachockier

Alex Duran

Our community volunteers

Apart from our volunteer therapists, we work with other types of volunteers that help organising other activities like sports, or that help with fundraising, communications, design or in other parts of our organisation.

Ainoa Prieto


Joana Serrat


Lucy de Keizer


Martin Pose


Carlos Sanchez Heil

Sports Coordinator

Our previous and current interns

We try to offer amazing internship experiences for psychology, communications and sociology students. Have a look at the great people we already received at Iguality!

Maria Pissarra

Psychology Intern


Dima Aboukasm

Communications Intern


Maddy Sewell

Research Intern


Tiare Bock

Social Work Intern