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Our coordination team

The Coordination Team (currently all volunteers) consists of the essential people that manage our psychosocial support program and that offer supervision and coaching to all the volunteers.

Vincent Simon van Grondelle

Coordinator & Social Worker

Vincent has experience in managing nonprofit programs for years, and among other projects, has previously founded MigraCode Barcelona, a tech school for refugees and migrants that under his leadership graduated more than 160 students from vulnerable communities. As a licensed social worker with a wide background in data analysis, nonprofit management, political science and philosophy, his focus has always been on combating structural inequities and bringing communities together to make a positive social impact in society.

Luciana Wachockier

Psychologist & Diversity Expert

Originally from Brazil, Luciana is a graduated psychologist from the Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie in São Paulo, and obtained a specialisation in Art Therapy. After moving to Spain in 2018, she started working in recruitment at Webhelp, where she started focussing on improving the recruitment processes to hire more diverse and multicultiral in the company, and after succesfully doing so, mentoring those selected. While obtaining tons of knowledge about diversity and specialised recruitment, she also is an active volunteer therapist for vulnerable communities since 2020.

Alex Duran

Co-Coordinator & Clinical Psychologist

With many years working as a clinical psychologist, Alex brings profound knowledge about the mental health sector in Catalonia and Spain. He worked in various organisations as psychologist providing counseling to a wide range of target groups, and apart from a degree in clinical psychology, also specialized in health psychology, cognitive therapy and educational psychology. At the same time, Alex always worked in the academic field, and currently teaches at the Master’s in Clinical Psychology a Instituto Superior de Estudios Psicológicos.

Johanna Dinkelacker

Psychology & Research Volunteer

Our core volunteer team

Iguality is working with an amazing core volunteer team that contributes to communications, fundraising and administration, and they bring a diverse mix of experience to our organisation.

Ainoa Prieto

Fundraising Specialist

Ainoa is a passionate and mission-driven human rights advocate. She holds a Master’s Degree in International Affairs, in which she specialized in migration policies. She has worked, volunteered and researched in the field of forced displacement, human rights and gender issues with several humanitarian and human rights organizations around the world. In addition, Ainoa has experience in project management and fundraising, and she is a very cool Spanish teacher (or so say her students!).

Joana Serrat Rovira

Design & Fundraising Volunteer

Joana has a unique background in design and human rights advocacy, finishing her Bachelors in Design at BAU, Centre Universitari d’Arts i Disseny in 2018, and her Masters in Human Rights, Democracy and Globalization at Universitat Oberta de Catalunya in 2021. After volunteering in the refugee camps in Calais with Help Refugees, she worked at Open Cultural Center, first as a design intern, but soon growing into a project management role where she managed various projects and programs. Currently she is a design freelancer supporting Iguality on many levels.

Lucy de Keizer

Fundraising & Communications Volunteer

Lucy is from Ethiopia and the Netherlands and has a diverse background, having grown up in different countries. After completing her Master’s degree in Public Health & Health Promotion in 2017, she moved to Barcelona in 2018 in search of new discoveries. With previous experience in non-profit organizations and specialized customer service, her current focus is on communications at Iguality, amongst other projects. As an aspiring educator and mental well-being coach, she continues to educate herself in her spare time. 

Martin Pose

Project Management Volunteer

Marta Hormachea


Marta has a wide range of experience in communications and fundraising, and combines her critical thinking and analytic mindset with a great passion for the nonprofit sector. At her previous position, she managed to get more than 1M of funding approved on a yearly basis through public, corporate and private grants, while also coordinating all internal and external communications of the organisation. With a background in Cultural Studies and Sociology, and a specialisation in gender topics, she is specifically motivated to support and empower women and the LGBTIQ+ communities and work towards a more inclusive society as a whole.

Carlos Sanchez Heil

Sports Coordinator

Carlos brings over a decade of experience in the world of Technology and Innovation Companies. With a Master of Science in Computer Engineering (graduating in 2009), he’s been of key support for MigraCode Barcelona, a nonprofit project at Open Cultural Center that provides free tech education to refugees and migrants. Today, Carlos takes the lead as the CTO of Wattabit. Outside the tech world, he’s a key member of the Iguality team, where he organises our weekly street football in Raval, and also other sports activities. 

Our volunteer therapists

To carry out our psychosocial support we work with an amazing team of professional volunteer therapists that dedicate free time to support our target groups.

Claudia Cutiño

Volunteer therapist

Melissa Gomez Velasquez

Volunteer therapist

Andreu Albert Ballestar

Volunteer therapist

Verónica Siller Uvalle

Volunteer therapist

Lauren Naismith

Volunteer therapist

Edit Ortega

Volunteer therapist

Valentina Schilling Ossa

Volunteer therapist

Sanaz Hedayati

Volunteer therapist

Our previous and current interns

We try to offer amazing internship experiences for psychology, communications and sociology students. Have a look at the great people we already received at Iguality!

Maria Pissarra

Psychology Intern


Dima Aboukasm

Communications Intern


Maddy Sewell

Research Intern


Tiare Bock

Social Work Intern