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Our Awareness Raising

Advocating for social justice and mental health

At the core of our work is a very strong commitment to increasing mental health and social justice awareness. Through events, talks and online campaigns we highlight the importance of mental well-being, particularly among marginalised demographics.

How do we raise awareness?

Our main methods


We regurarly organise events, often with our partners, to discuss a specific topic, or even a specific community, we believe it’s important to shed light on.

Online Campaigns

Through regular social media posting and our blog page, we bring topics of social justice to the attention of our follower base and beyond.


In order to provide our campaigns and publications with accurate data and information, we also carry out our own research on our work and topics related to our work.


Together we can make the biggest impact, which is why we often collaborate with our nonprofit and private partners to organise workshops and more.

Follow our efforts

Online awareness raising by Iguality

Help in another way?

Join our Ambassador Program

As our Ambassador, you are helping us to spread our cause and with that, support our effort to make mental health care accessible to marginalised communities.

All you have to do is join our WhatsApp group and follow us on social media, and help us like and share our publications, and promote and/or join our events!