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Your donation makes a difference

We are a small and young organisation, and we need your support! You can make a financial distribution in various ways that will directly contribute the support we offer to our communities.

Your donation contributes directly to the support we offer to our communities

Your donation can help us offer free psychosocial support and other related services

Your donation will only be used for costs that help us increase our social impact

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Join our Ambassador Program

As our Ambassador, you are helping us to spread our cause and with that, support our effort to make mental health care accessible to marginalised communities.

All you have to do is join our WhatsApp group and follow us on social media, and help us like and share our publications, and promote and/or join our events!

What happens with your support to Iguality?

Discover our Transparency page

Read more about our financial situation and how we have used donations and support in the past, and discover all legal details about our organisation through our transparency page.

Do you want to help on a monthly basis?

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Members contribute to our work on a monthly basis with a contribution that they are able to give. Memberships can be changed and cancelled anytime.