Support our work

We are a small and young organisation, and we need your support! You can make a financial distribution in various ways, which will be used for the purposes described further down on this page.

Make a donation

Contribute with a one-off donation to help us pay for small to large expenses and grow our impact. You can always request a donation certificate. 

Become a member

Contribute to our work on a monthly basis and become a steady supporter of our organisation. Change or cancel your membership anytime.

What happens with your contribution?

Material costs

From pens to training jerseys for our football activities, we buy materials for our weekly activities.

Marketing costs

From banners to t-shirts for our volunteers, we buy (sustainable) marketing materials to share our cause.

Organisational costs

From insurances to salaries, we make payments to cover our recurring organisational spendings.

Software costs

From web hosting to management software, we pay for most of our software licences (some are free).

Our financial report

Through the link below you can create an Airtable account for free and view our financial report. The report will be further extended in the near future with more details.

Are you already a member?

You can manage your membership through Stripe, our membership platform. Enter with the email address you used to become a member through the button below.