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Our Ambassador Program

Our Ambassador Program consists of a global network of individuals who share, promote and encourage our work through social media and other dissemination platforms.

Becoming one is easy, so just scroll down to learn more or join our WhatsApp group straight away!

Why an Ambassador Program?

Discover the key objectives

Creating and growing a diverse and inclusive community

By working together, we can include diverse perspectives and backgrounds in our work and ensure that our values of inclusivity and equality lie at the heart of what we do.

Raising awareness about mental health and inequality

By doing so, Ambassadors break stigmas surrounding mental health issues and highlight the significance of addressing inequality as a fundamental aspect of building a fair and just society.

Sharing our work, our impact, our stories and our mission

By amplifying all this, Ambassadors contribute to building a collective voice that inspires others to join the cause and make a positive impact on society.

Are you ready to join?

Become an Ambassador today

As our Ambassador, you are helping us to spread our cause and with that, support our effort to make mental health care accessible to marginalised communities. So how to join? With three simple steps: 

Join the WhatsApp group with the button below

Receive updates 1-3 times a week about social media posts and Iguality events

Share/like the posts or events we publish in the group to promote it (if you want!)

And why is this so helpful for us? Not only does each like or share extend the reach of our content, but it also improves the way Iguality is analysed by the algorythms of social media and Google so people can find our content easier!

Caroline Erize

People Lead & Diversity Activist 

Iguality’s Key Ambassador #1

Meet Caro, our first Key Ambassador, and who is now part of the driving force behind our Iguality Ambassador Program! She’s a real rockstar who took the opportunity to help build Porsche Digital Barcelona from the ground up and turned it into a thriving success with a diverse team of +100 talented individuals. Caro’s career journey has been anything but ordinary, taking on roles as a Frontend Developer, UX Designer, Workshop Facilitator, Corporate Developer, and more!

Her great passion for diversity, inclusion and psychological safety has fostered a culture where everyone can shine and bring their best selves to the table, relating directly to the mission of Iguality. Caro’s influence and extensive network are what will drive our mission even further and increase our reach and impact.

And many more…

A global network of Ambassadors