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Vincent Simon van Grondelle

Join our mental health event!

In collaboration with our great partners from the private sector

This event will tell the story from the recruitment agency finding that niche engineer, who then lands in a high-demanding but caring environment, which can only be accomplished by caring management, leading to top-business performance, as organisational psychology has proven time and time again.

Let’s shed light on this important month of mental wellbeing, and we see you on the 16th of May!


Date and time

May 16th, start at 18:30


Head Office of Porsche Digital Barcelona (here)




The speakers

Great keynote talks

This story in light of Mental Health Awareness Month will take shape during these talks with a wide variety of speakers:

Scott Francis

General Director

Jaume Avila

Senior Engineering Manager

Andrés Polanco

Global Lead Technical Recruiter

Amber Makris

Clinical Psychologist

This post is written by Vincent Simon van Grondelle

Vincent is coordinator of Iguality and has founded the organisation in 2022. His focus has always been on combating structural inequities and bringing communities together to make a positive social impact in society.