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Psychosocial support

Iguality offers free psychosocial support to individuals and communities in marginalised situations and that do not have access to (paid) mental health services easily.

We do this from the strong belief that mental health care should be accessible for all. Read more about our services on this page and request support, or join as us a volunteer.

For whom are our services available?

We aim to support anyone at risk of social inclusion and who cannot afford professional mental health care through private services and/or who cannot access the general health system due to limited availability or lack of documentation, including but not limited to:

Refugee communities

(Undocumented) migrant communities

Economically-deprived communities

LGBTQ+ communities

Victims of domestic violence

Othes at risk of social exclusion

If someone is considered not to be eligible to the services of the program, Iguality will always try to send alternative options to receive support, which is also why we work with other NGOs offering comparable support. In general, we don’t work with:

Cases of strong psychiatric disorders

Cases of violent (verbal or physical) behaviour

Cases of disinterest in the offered support

What can we help with?

Our volunteer therapists can provide support and assistance in improving various challenges one may face, such as:


Anxiety is a persistent state of excessive worry, fear, or unease that can manifest as physical, cognitive, and emotional symptoms. 

Identity issues

Identity issues involve feeling uncertain or confused about who you are, including your gender, sexuality, cultural background, or personal beliefs.


Insecurity is a feeling of self-doubt, lack of confidence, or uncertainty about oneself and one’s abilities, often leading to a fear of judgment or rejection by others. 


Loneliness is the feeling of being by yourself and longing for companionship, which can make you feel sad and like something is missing in your life. 


Sadness or depression is a strong and lasting feeling of being really down and not finding joy in things, sometimes making you lose interest in other things in life. 

How to request support?

You can request psychosocial support through our form. We will get back to you within 14 days.

If you work for an NGO and want to collaborate, please reach out to us directly.

Become a volunteer?

If you’re a psychologist/therapist and want to support the program, you can apply online to become a volunteer. Please keep these requirements in mind:

Have a Master's degree in psychology (in Spain or abroad) and ideally in Clinical Psychology

Have at least 1 year of (internship) experience with therapy

Live in or around Barcelona