What we offer

As part of our first line of action – Direct Impact Activities – we run continuous and high-impact projects and programs that directly support various communities that face marginalisation and a lack of opportunities, while also including society members that are not specifically marginalised or disadvantaged, in order to foster dialogue, mutual understanding and civil participation.

Further down below you can find an overview of all our current programs and projects, and you can find more information how to make use of our services or to join as a volunteer.


Mental Health Program

Through the mental health program, Iguality offers psychological support to individuals, and communities in more vulnerable situations and that do not have access to (paid) mental health services easily.

The program aims to support people to cope with difficulties they face in their life or difficulties they might have faced in the past but that still affect them now. Topics can range from their current situation, their future, or to any other doubts/issues/challenges they might face.

Sports Program

We consider sports a great tool to improve people’s mental health, especially those that are in more difficult positions, as it can serve as a distraction to forget about issues in their daily lives. Moreover, it has been proven that sports activates the parts of the brain that are related to happiness and positivity. On the short- and long-term, this can severely increase someone’s well being.

At the same time, sports has the unique power to bring people together, whether it’s through small-group sports or team sports that include (a healthy aspect of) a competitive aspect. By organising cost-free sports activities (football, cycling, running and more), Iguality aims to reach those people that normally wouldn’t be able to participate in such activities.